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January 25, 2011


Chris Hall

I'm sure that the joint chiefs must feel a similar awkwardness. They appropriately should not display political partisanship, and yet the president is also their commander in chief. When to applaud? Is standing ever appropriate? Parts of the speech are purely patriotic and non-partisan, but other parts may (or may not) be obliquely referring to partisan policy goals. For example, extolling scientific education is innocuous enough, but if you know that there's a concurrent political fight over education funding and testing standards, does it suddenly become a partisan statement? Just ... awkward.

Prof. John Moye

If I were a justice, I would NOT attend ANY state of union address. There is NO need for any justice to rob-shoulder with anyone of the executive or the legislative.

Three separate powers can indeed work together without having to be obligated to attend or feel guilty or harshly critiqued for not attending a certain function.

David W. Brown

As for Mr. Justice Scalia,
I can see where one who was willing to conjure up a one-time, never-to-be-repeated reason to stop the vote recount in Florida that would decide the outcome of a presidential election, would be so disdainful of the traditional, once-a-year assembly of the highest officials of all three branches of the federal government.
Let him sit at home and stew in his arrogance.

Sidney Gendin

In what way will America be damaged by the absence of a few justices?

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