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January 25, 2011



Gently knocks??????? Are you being deliberately sarcastic? When the POTUS takes a gratuitous swipe at lawyers - in a STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS - in order to pander to the business community by solidifying the bogus belief in the minds of too many Americans that medical malpractice lawsuits are behind out-of-control insurance and healthcare prices, that is a body blow, not a gentle knock. We have had so-called med-mal reform in California for decades; people who have been maimed by doctor's negligence are limited to $250,000 for their pain and suffering and their are caps on lawyer's fees. Yet Blue Shield is trying to raise insurance rates by 59% in CA this year, and CA doctors are being crushed by the weight of their med-mal insurance. Don't blame the lawyers Obama-- blame the insurance companies. Oh wait, then the insurance companies might not be your friends. Never mind. Bash the lawyers; everyone hates them anyway. Obama has turned out to be the biggest disappointment imaginable.


I don't disagree with the idea that medical malpractice has to change. Rights should not be denied patients that are faced with irresponsible doctors, however, the system is widely taken advantage of my individuals who suffer only minor discomforts and good doctors are punished. Today, students or young people that express the desire to become doctors are discouraged solely because of the risk for malpractice cases and the extremely high rates of malpractice insurance. This should not be a part of our medical system and Obama is not trying only to rein in the frivolous use of the law in cases where it a lawsuit is not merited. Efforts at reducing medical malpractice cases should be combined with widespread incentives and initiatives to promote and adhere to basic procedural standards in hospitals across the country.

Ronald J Riley

Bashing lawyers is much like bashing capitalism. In both cases one has to look at what the alternatives are and what works.

Before lawyers disputes were generally settled by a sovereign based on their prejudices or trial by combat. Would we be better off returning to the old ways?

Our system of law is not perfect but I have yet to see a viable alternative.

Ronald J. Riley,

President - - RJR at

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Executive Director - - RJR at
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President - Alliance for American Innovation
Caretaker of Intellectual Property Creators on behalf of deceased founder Paul Heckel
Washington, DC
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