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November 17, 2010


Jack Johnson

I note that all of the justies are either Cagholic or Jewish even though the vast, vast majority of our citizens are PROTESTANTS. Haven't the Presidents and Congress heard of the "REFORMATION".
Add diversity of religion to the criteria.


As a partner in a large law firm, I have found that most of those hired from the Ivey League schools lack common sense, an ability to litigate any cases (as they can't relate to the jurors and witnesses -- that is, they can't relate to "America"), and a sense of entitlement -- they shouldn't have to work as hard because they are "special". I will take the top grads from the good state schools any day over the Ivey League grads -- they live in a world that most of American doesn't and doesn't want to inhabit.


I made the same point shortly after Justice Kagan was nominated:

Jeff Spangler

Diversity, schmiversity. The discipline of constitutional jurisprudence is not based on any of the asserted bases for selecting persons who reflect the broad spectrum of society at large. What happened to the blindfold on Justice? Inclusiveness in our democracy does not require equal representation but equal results.


And in 36 years since 1974, only two presidents didn't go to Yale or Harvard. Even when the Country was really fed up (2004), our choices for President were both old white guys who were members of Skull and Bones. I guess it is what the country wants. Aaaaagh! Good grief.


First, while we are at it, add military service as a crucial element of diversity. The near-universal lack of military service in our federal government at all levels, beginning with President Obama, is simply shocking, when the nation is at war in two fronts.

Second, why stop at the Supreme Court of the United States? Our federal courts at all levels are similarly close-bred.

Third, the reform must reach judicial clerks as well, whose salaries we the taxpayers pay, which means Congress, not Judiciary, should reserve the power to appoint who gets to clerk.

I propose diversity of all kinds as well as egalitarianism to be the new standard.

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