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November 03, 2010



The age of internet - nothing more to say...


I totally agree we should be able express how we feel. I can understand if it's a threatened to do something maliciously to someone then it would be wrong.

I once made a comment on my Facebook, "smart people use their brain instead getting an attitude when they get want they want, grow up! There's a huge gap between age and maturity, professionalism and ignorance." Is this a threaten to anyone? NO!!! I don't exploit anyone's name on Facebook. A staff in the office saw my facebook and copy every page on my Facebook. She send copies to everyone in the office. One of the employee feels so offending so he filed a complaint against me. To me this is an envasion of privacy. This particular employee file a complaint about me with the company. I never mention any particular employee's name on my Facebook. I'm pretty sure I will hear back from HR about this but i'm not worry. This quote that I wrote does not label anyone particulary person. Simply how I feel. Can anyone offer me some advise. Should I sit back until I hear from the company or contact this people and talk to them before things get out of control? Please advise.


Does this law apply to small, privately owned business or just public/government employers?

Brad Fallon

Labor laws had to catered also to this kind of abuse by the employers and thanks to applicable provisions of the NLRB, they will be held responsible for acts like these.


i think i was reading about this at NYT yesterday

James kinn

Not clear how the company monitored her facebook account and why.

Karen Oei

Typical of abusive supervisor who did not do her job by taking time out to settle and counsel an aggrieved supervisee. Just let matters fester and then sack an employee is grossly unfair. Treat your employee as your own.

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