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November 16, 2010


Helen Holmes

Funny how this so called office appears nowhere on the main FCC pages.

All that talking last November about leveling the communications field for the deaf by the Chairman and the President amounted to just more BS.

The deaf are being cut off from society in general and frankly this open and loving government is full of it. I have never been so disgusted in my life.


on a deaf specific dating site, it requires members to disclose their condition upfront

Lee Clark

How much does Greg know about DeafBlind related issues such as communication needs?

Lee Clark

"Make it easier for people who are deaf, blind, or live with a visual impairment" What does it mean by "live with a visual impairment'?
It did not include people who are DeafBlind. I am so TIRED of seeing DB people to be overlooked or ignored.

Jenna Greene

Thank you for pointing it out so I could correct it -- it was typo on my part.


The protest at Gallaudet over the university president took place in 1988, not 1998.

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