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November 15, 2010



Mr. Jefferson, give me a break. Mr. Rangel is a criminal and needs to pay for his crimes. Black, white, blue, green -- his skin makes no difference to his grotesque and hypocritical behavior. And when such criminal behavior is displayed by an elected public "servant," it deserves our soundest condemnation. Mr. Rangel's pathetic attempt to whine and moan today, saying "I don't have counsel" is a classic weasel's tactic. He has had plenty of time to get new counsel. He is a crook and deserves to be treated like a crook. The only people more despicable than Mr. Rangel are the people who re-elected him, thus inflicting his criminal indifference on the rest of this country. May he and his electorate disappear quickly and quietly.

Mark Jefferson

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) should tell the House ethics committee to go to hell and leave him alone! These trumph up charges is just another way of "lynching" any negro to dare speake out against the criminal ways of Congress. At the end of the day, Rangel is going to be dead BROKE! I'm sure that there are enough other pressing concerns that our nation could use their full committed attention. How about those greedy Wall Street bankers and their cozy relationships with other House members? Not one single conviction! Yet, Congress has allocated millions of additonal dollars to the Justice Department. The only convictions that they have secured are the small time mom and pops loan originators and neighborhood brokers! Congress know damm well that Wall Street bankers used these poor people, while they made and continue to make billions in fruadulant foreclosures!!!!!! Hey, Mr. Rangel you can tell them that a "mind is a terrible thing to waste". The gathering of several mindless committee members is a national disaster!

Kelly Arnold

Well Mr Rangel is a politician and he simply is milking out time for reasons only he knows! HE also knows how to "filibuster" for time to continue this till "hell freezes over". So his age is 80?, so how much time does he have left really on this earth. Yes he is entitled to legal represention but are our grandchildren going to read of the final outcome of this. The facts are not disputed, only the leganeze is being worked out. Remember he was a lawyer and did not do what he did without some legal advice.

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