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September 10, 2010


What's in the Treaty

I watched the press conference and the president made no mention of Cobell as an indian Trust Land lawsuit. The president appeared to think Cobell is similar to the black farmer lawsuit. The president seems uninformd about Cobell. Indeed Indian farmers do have a similar suit to the one filed by black farmers and I believe this is what the president thought he was responding to. Unfortunately the suit filed by Indian farmers is on the back burner and is not part of Cobell. The sad truth is that no one is telling the president the truth about the Cobell settlement and Cobell and her lawyers want to keep it that way. David Ingram the reporter ought to clarify the issue.

Oohenunpa Waste

Pres Obama stop trying to force-feed Lakota
/indian country this farce of a 'settlement'
'Cobell' shafts the vast majority of IIM parties & is disparate from 'pigford' liti-gants'award who have no blood equity at stake! THIS IS A FARCE TO LAKOTA/INDIAN COUNTRY! And why no rebuke of bloomburg over
his racists remarks per NY tobbaco fight?

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