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September 16, 2010



Seriously people.... Has everyone lost their flipping minds?? I agree with Ricardo. It is just a T.V. show and we want to be entertained. This is why we watch television. Do you really think any of these so called "Reality" shows are actually Reality? If so, then we have some confused people in this world. Cyrus Garza (Jimmy Smits) arrogance is awesome & very entertaining. It is so typical of any real attorney, judge, or politician out their today. They all have that holier than thou attitude about them. But who cares that is what drives and or makes them to choose that profession. Hence, with this arrogance is why I feel this show is actually potraying the real struggles of almost any human being out their. They want and feel they should do the right thing, but always struggle with their inner demons.
I think this shows portrays all of the different personalities of a lot of people today. This is why I find it so entertaining. Could it be that the ones who dont care for the show dont like it because it actual shows people with some type of moral compass? Hummm, think about that one

Laura Effel

I watched only 5 minutes of it, if that. Couldn't stand it.


I watched this show, in horror, last night. It's obvious that the writers don't know (or care) a thing about "reality", as there was nothing "real" about the story line in this show. What about the "private investigator" waltzing into a Supreme Court Justice's office to offer "new evidence" that she had uncovered? And worse yet, Justice Smits actually using it as a basis to grant a death row inmate a new trial! We have enough bad press about the way that courts operate without fictionalizing it even further. Cancel this show now!

Robert Brown

Hasn't anyone ever wonder why the highest court in the US gets paid to not be in session for nearly half-a-year? All the Justices at the Supreme Court act like they are above the law and pretty much can do whatever they want, when they want and get away with it all. I believe "Outlaw" should go further into what the life of a Justice really is - which we all so willing ignore.

Glenda Harris

I wasted 30 minutes of my evening watching this show. The acting was boring and unbelievable. The scenes were unrealistic.

Ricardo Barrera

It's just a TV show - nothing worse than what we've seen Denny Crane do on Boston Legal, an episode or two of which were in the "US Supreme Court."


Oh! I thought he was on the New York Supreme Court, Second Division (Long Island).

Anyone who liked Matlock and thought it was realistic might just like this. I felt embarrassed for anyone who had anything to do with it.


Ouch. That had to hurt. I'm glad I'm not on the receiving end of this post.

I didn't even see the show, and after reading your post, I'm already ticked. Well stated opinions. I'll have to watch the show, so I can be up in arms about it, too.

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