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August 05, 2010


Sam Sammurai

We have no problems with Judges from all denomination, but 3 Jewish Justices, and no Chinese, no Muslim, No Atheist is a way to say that if u r Jewish Congress will approve u regardless of qualification. If u r Muslim they will not approve u regardless of qualification.
So get ready for Muslims to be screwed further!


Justice Marshall served for a short time on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Angela Moore

Many people think Supreme Court Justices must have played in the minor leagues before sitting on the high court. I disagree. Especially in federal court. It is important to have different perspectives represented on the court. People actually criticized Sandra day O'Connor because she was an elected State court judge and not a federal judge. If memory serves me correctly, Thurgood Marshall did not serve as a judge, but argued the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education. Many good judges come from other places besides the DC circuit.

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