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August 12, 2010


Andrew Turek

How about abolishing the secret ballot and making people vote openly for or against black or white or male or male or female candidates or for or against legislative initiatives while you are about it?


Years ago, people who supported discrimination had white hoods to keep their identity secret, today, they have a judge doing it for them. My how times have changed.

Joseph A. Mustich

Transparency is the best way to handle the anti-marriage hysteria...

Onward to full civil and marriage equality in 21st century America.
Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
Washington, Connecticut, USA.


If/when they release the names and addresses of the petition signers, also release the names and addresses of the state-registered domestic partners. Seems only fair.

Carmmen Leslie

Government has no business regulating "contracts" when they are not "commerce"and Government is NOT A PARTY to the "contract". The "contract" called "marriage" is a contract between one male and one female.
"Choice of Lifestyle" is a "choice", and a right to do so is "not discriminated against! However "imposing" that "lifestyle choice" upon others, who are within a "marriage contract", is not a "legal right". "Choice" is not a "right". Interference with "contact", in which the interfering party is not a "party to that contract", is "discrimination" against those w/i that "contract".
Gays have no "standing/right" to CHANGE others' rights to "contract", because those persons have "chosen" to enter into a "contract". That "contract" just happens to be "entitled" "MARRIAGE".
No person who agrees to the "terms of that contract" is prevented from engaging in a "contract", called "marriage". The parties challenging "marriage" HAVE NO "STANDING/RIGHT"g to destroy others' "contracts", because they CHOSE not to live the "lifestyle choice" of other.

"Interference with contract" carries the right to "sue" the anti-pro Prop 8 groups, because of they "choose" to "interfere" with others' "right to contract" a "marriage".
"Gays" do not WISH to live the "lifestyle choice" required to enter the "contract of the marriage", but want to change the "terms" of that "contract" to "suit their lifestyle choice", imposing their "wishes" on others, while not being a "party to that contract".
"Marriage is a CONTRACT". It is NOT "commerce"---Obama's regulaton---so Government stay out. Gays do not have the "right" to change MY "contract".

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