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August 06, 2010



It appears to be the same old battle between the white man and the Indian but just with different weapons

Mary Lee Johns

The attorneys and Cobell made this agreement without ever including any tribal leaders in the negotiations. Granted this isn't the way Class Action lawsuits are normally dealt with however, this is the way we do things in Indian Country. If they would have asked they would have found out that the Agreement would not be supported by many of us who they are suppose to represent. It is not the landmark case the attorneys claim but one that is a miscarriage of justice in the realm of the original Dawes Act it claims to finally settle. By changing the intent of the suit from an Accounting to mismanagement of our lands has many of us wanting the Senate to continue in the direction it has taken.

Oohenunpa Waste

When side by side with 'Pigford' any reasonable person can infer they are different and their differences have no real basis in law. One group has no soveriegn status [hence no Govt fiduciary trust responsibilities] and the other does! Still the non-sovereigns are getting $50K EACH-the soveriegns get maybe $1500...this is a further run on Native resources. They need to renegotiate more in line with the much stated opposition but they remain rigid
and blame the Senate-they've done nothing to 'move to the middle' as implored time/ again..why cobell, gingold???

Joe Jackson

Congress must separate the Cobell and Pigford settlements. There is no reason for the African American farmers to suffer because of intra-party wrangling and politics of Cobell.

cheshire solicitors

I think there is still a lot to be considered here to be honest.


They are pointing fingers at each other because both parties are equally guilty of having deep pockets with the Native Americans money through out the years! Passed down from one generation to the next! and also they just want to stonewall and go on their little vacations till September, which will give them yet another round of bickering and then another deadline will be set and so the story goes!

James Edwards

Your Blog implies that Congress has missed "a deadline." Neither the Plaintiffs or the Administration get to set "deadlines" for Congress. These deadlines are in place to keep the case stayed in District Court. A little coordination with Congress BEFORE signing the settlement agreement might have produced some better results.

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