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July 13, 2010


online  discount pharmacy

At least this type of mistake is not expected from FDA. It is always good to mention a alternative to any critical drug
on its packet and also need of explanation its side effects. Thanks for this very precious information. From next time I will take care and be aware while purchasing such risky drugs.

I am very much thankful to this non-profit Physicians Committee which has taken this decision to filed the complaint against FDA
at U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

They have done very appreciating job. I would once again thanks to this team

best regards
Smith Alan


These doctors actually know about health and nutrition (unlike most)so I'm thrilled they are suing Avandia which could care less about health.


This so-called "doctors group" is actually an arm of PETA. No joke. Its president ran the PETA Foundation for many years.

What a farce. You got snookered.


Matt, M.D.

Type two diabetes is largely caused by getting fat and not eating right. Expecting these people to change their diet and exercise is a pipe dream. This is a little like saying safe driving is more effective than seatbelts at preventing car accident deaths. True but irrelevant.
According to the thought process here, just about all medications should carry the warning, "you probobly caused your own disease, if you eat right, exercise and don't smoke you might not need this medicine."


it is so terrible that people are still taking avandia and getting sick from it--and that they have no idea that there are alternative ways to control diabetes. this needs to change immediately.

Marsha R.

I'm glad doctors are holding the FDA accountable for this. Avandia and other dangerous diabetes drugs should have been pulled from the market long ago--and consumers should be made aware of the healthy lifestyle changes that can help manage and even REVERSE diabetes. It's amazing what a diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can do for the body.

marvin yap

Avandia provides durable glycemic control to my patients. I strongly agree that avandia be retained in the market.

Dennis Knicely

Drugs like Avendia used of diabetes are basically not necessary regardless for many type 2 cases. Simply eating correctly while avoiding those food groups exacerbating the symptoms often naturally reverses the illness. It does take discipline, though...

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