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July 08, 2010



Stan & VMK,

He wasn't deprived of having a son. He didn't even try to establish paternity until 2007, after LeBron was already a grown man and in the NBA. What about when LeBron could have used child support, food, clothing, shelter, education needs, etc.? Wow...his motives are real evident when Lebron doesn't need him, but he now needs LeBron's money. What a shame. He is damaging his own character and professionalism all by himself by filing this lawsuit. I hope the law firm fires him, as I would not want this type of person representing my clients or firm.


I don't believe the facts he put in his Complaint, to the effect that his professional reputation as a lawyer has been harmed and that he was defrauded by the misrepresentations of LeBron and Gloria.

But they should either file a motion to throw out those allegations for lack of proof, or, if there is some proof, let a jury decide if the proof is convincing. That's just the law!

I think another big thing here is that if LeBron dies without a spouse or a Will, his legal parents inherit. Who wouldn't want to be first in line to inherit LeBron's estate? And, if he really is the father, then that's the law too.

If it's that unjust, then he'll find that he is not enjoying whatever money he gets. Rather, having the cash is what could hurt his professional (and personal) reputation - for real this time!

V. Chase

There are so many children that men don't claim. And why now? If he knew that the mother was 15 years old, why didn't he seek her out and help her. Now he wants some money for slander? Please, give me a break. She endured nine months, she endured pain, and heartaches of raising him. She kissed his boo boos and wiped his butt and nose. He's a grown man, he doesn't need a father now. Now that he's a success you want a piece of them? What can you add to the pot now? Woman face so much hardship in life, they face so much being single and raising a child without a father, now you want to step in.

That is so sad. Where were your thoughts all those years she raised him alone? He seems to have turned out well. Leave those people alone.


He is suing for millions in "damages"..does not sound like a man trying to reconnect with his son.


I was wondering why a grown man would admit that he had sex with a 15 year old that he picked up in a bar? It said in the story that Lebron's mom told the man that she was pregnant. And now he wants damages??? Seriously???!!!???


Is he just claiming Lebron because of the huge amount of money that his supposedly "son" has? What with the new Miami contract going on?


i mean seriously...why wait til now! even if LeBron's mom did falsify paternity test--he wasnt there when he was growing up so why should he matter now. i understand what yall are saying about depriving them of each other, but he knows who raised him, fed him, & got him where he is now. i mean if he's tried to contact him before now & LeBron showed no interest, then Move On!!! King James is a grown man, & if he wanted to find his father he has all the ways in the world to do that. and say that he is...then what?? spend time with him & help spend some of the money that he didnt help him make (besides being a sperm donor)--he wasnt around to help him with this skill of basketball that he has...
why file a lawsuit, ok just to prove i said earlier, THEN WHAT?


Cool! Which restaurant?


I am sure he would be able to pay the back child support. I paid all of mine and was still deprived of my sons untill recently. I think and know that if Labron is his son he should forgive and have a relationship before it will be to late and he will loose the chance to have a father.That man (Leicester)deserves a chance to be with his son.No matter what, if that is his dad they need to talk.People today are to harsh on each other and hold in their troubles till they start doing the wrong things and if you do the wrong things or live the wrong way you will in the end pay for it. Laws need to change and fathers need more rights. Just because we are men we are not credited with having feelings and suffering loss. Labrons mother should be sued for not telling his dad to give him a chance to do the right thing.

Stan boreson

Has any person who commented here even bothered to read the story? It appears not

It is not just only cruel and inhuman to deprive a son of a father but it is also cruel inhuman and degrading to deprive a father of a son. This gentleman does not have any monetary interests in this case, rather than proving paternity.


What is the statute of limitations for statutory rape?


Are you forgetting she never told him he was the father. I see this all the time, women with hostility neglecting to advise the father that he has a child.


Are you kidding me? And what exactly does a child owe a parent that did not support him from birth to the age of 18?


So he is admiting to being a dirty old man?


What could possibly support a claim for damages by a "father" that abandoned his son?


This man should be disbarred! Where was he when the single mother was struggling?


So he was 30 when she was 16?


He should sue you for leaving him and back child support.

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