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June 22, 2010



Judge Reade is wrong, she is going against the reccomdation of 6 former US Attorney Generals.


I hope the U.S. Justice system proves Just! I'm awaiting a successful appeal to this outrageous sentencing!


to rick moore,
the judge is clearly out to get him.


let him go free! he doesnt deserve a little bit of these 27yrs.


this is an outrage..........we should all stand outside the prison and wait in line to see and visit him !!!!


To Dave Doda--Didn't you hear he was acquitted for that?

Bill Handel

Rubashkin should go free. He is not guilty, as charged. Look at professor Bill Anderson's careful analysis of this case:


Orthodox Jews in Israel see this as antisemitism "throw the Jews down the well."


He was trying to keep his father’s company afloat, Well by all means let this saint off the hook!

And he didn't know anything about any under aged Illegal workers at the plant.

talks like a crook and acts like a crook, what a coincidence?

rick moore

the judge may release him pending appeal. that would show the world she is not inhuman

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