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June 21, 2010



I guess I should refuse to take any salary for the rest of my life then, Captain Kirk? If you work, you should be paid. If you commit treason, civil rights violations, and assist criminals in safely commiting countless murders, rapes, and lesser crimes, you must pay, period.

Darren McKinney

As a D.C. resident and taxpayer who very much wishes to leaglly carry a handgun for self-defense against all the dead-eyed, soulless and fatherless killers on the loose here, I'm very unhappy with city officials who refused to settle this case early on and instead saw fit to risk millions of tax dollars defending the patently unconstitutional handgun ban. I hope the judge makes them pay up before election day so voters know who to blame.

Darren McKinney
Northeast D.C.

Captain Kirk

Oh, so the whole time it wasn't all about the wisdom and virtue of arming all the residents of DC. It was really all about the money...

CC Ryder

The DC city fathers knew their laws were criminally unconstitutional. The should pay a $100,000 a day penalty until it is paid in full

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