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May 03, 2010



I'm quite baffled at some of the potential names we're hearing ie; Elena Kagan, Merrick Garland, Sidney Thomas....Come on, these are practically moderate Republicans...I'm sorry but with a Democratic president who has a 59-41 majority in the senate, President Obama needs to make a much better pick, which in turn, would excite the base before the Nov. elections....

Some better replacements for Justice Stevens would be; Pamela Karlan, Harold Koh, Cass Sunstein, Kathleen Sullivan, Diane Wood, Goodwin Liu (scratch the 9th. Circuit nomination & elevate Professor Liu for the high court)...

I like President Obama, but Kagan, Garland, & S. Thomas are absolutely awful choices for the SCOTUS...

Judge Bruce J. Einhorn (ret.), Professor of Law

I hope that in his final deliberations over a replacement for Justice Stevens that the President will seriously consider Judge Diane Wood of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She is a progressive but pragmatic jurist with extensive appellate judicial experience and a proven record of working and negotiating well with more conservative judges, like Richard Posner and Frank easterbrook of the Seventh Circuit. She is an educator, a musician, and a deep thinker with a record of concern for people of all kinds in their everyday lives. The President should not back down from appointing an exponent of progressive jurisprudence, provided that she, like Judge Wood, enjoys collegial skills with jurists of all responsible views.

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