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May 26, 2010



Their suit wasn't to "get paid" Joe, the suit was to overturn the ban. They didn't file for attorneys fees until after the case had been decided, so attempting to portray Heller's cause as some protracted seven year battle against DC is disingenuous.


Why should DC taxpayers pay for Heller's legal fees?


Gura needs to sue for triple damages. And file a report with the credit bureau that will affect DC's credit score. Oh, wait, their score is already ZERO. Never mind.


As a D.C. taxpayer, I'm with Mr. Gura. Instead of first admitting that its draconian and ineffective gun ban was unconstitutional and then negotiating a reasonable settlement with Heller, et al., the city chose frivolous and costly litigation.

Now, hoping to keep taxpayers in the dark as D.C.'s latest deficit-spending budget is finalized, city leaders have conspired with the private law firms to assert after the fact that their gun law defense was performed pro bono. The whole lot of them should be investigated by the FBI and prosecuted like Scooter Libby if they're not entirely forthcoming.


This is a perfect example of why people hate the American court system. Gura & Co. fought for 5 years to win their case, and now, almost 2 years after the landmark Heller ruling, they're still waiting to get paid.

I bet D.C. Councilman Marion Berry's crack dealer never waited 2 years to get paid.

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