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May 03, 2010



The symbolism of this is action is pregnant, because as it stands the entrance to this court is very, very narrow indeed, in fact almost indiscernably small for only a very lucky few. The exit remains grand, if you can get to it, but only %98.5 of the people or corporations can, and vast numbers of heartbreakingly meritorious cases are shoveled into their graves after prodigious efforts being made to bolster justice leaving their proponents to wonder what happened to justice. The sad truth is that it is a myth today that "anyone in this country may obtain meaningful justice through application to this Court." While the country has grown 100 times since the days of Chief Justice Marshall, the Court today takes fewer cases now than it did then in the late 1700's.


More security, or just a further retreat into a repressive State? Where does this kind of paranoia end? Breyer and Ginsburg have it right.

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