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May 07, 2010



Newdow is the Rosa Parks of secular Americans. He may lose in court, but he has cemented himself in history books as a hero.

Bob Ritter

The appeals court opinion perpetuates the myth that George Washington's appended the presidential oath with "so help me God" in order to say that the practice started with the first president. But I believe the real problem in this case is the fear of judges of issuing or upholding an injunction against the Chief Justice. For example, during the hearing on our motion for a preliminary injunction, Judge Walton was absolutely flabbergasted that Mike Newdow would suggest that he order his boss not to say "so help me God." But the fact of the matter is that the Constitution doesn't specify that the Chief Justice administer the presidential oath, so the Chief Justice is merely performing a ministerial duty.
Bob Ritter, co-counsel of the plaintiffs

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