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April 21, 2010



I finally switched from RCN in April of this year. During approximately three years of service, I ran tests periodically and never saw anything close to the 20 Mbps we were paying for. For extended periods, our service simply did not work.

We were constantly calling RCN and they would send someone out, but they never did anything of consequence (except occasionally repairing outages after the technician noticed that he was getting complaints from all over our neighborhood).

I always felt that they should give us refunds, but they never did. At least the RCN TV service was better than what we'd gotten from Comcast, but their Internet service was a total rip-off.

Now I see confirmation of what I suspected all along--that the scam was conscious and deliberate.

The irony is that to get away from their miserable service, I had to make a pact with the devil. Despite the Verizon CEO's bad reputation vis-a-vis net neutrality, I have to admit that our FIOS Internet service is the best I've ever had.


I'm with RCN and they did slow down traffic, wasn't getting the upload and download speeds, I was paying for. Took a month w/ no internet for 2 weeks, and a complaint to BBB Online to resolve.

Fred Turner

RCN is a Sham Artist they also are not giving the speed we are paying for....

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