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April 21, 2010




If you're going to criticize a judge for being one of a panel who denied your appeal based on what look like grounds well within the judicial mainstream, at least don't do it under your own name.

Nobody likes going to jail. Don't blame the judge. You could argue that the law is wrong, or you could just take responsibility for breaking it.


@ Richard Connors:

Anyone who does some research on the US v Connors case will quickly find out that Judge Williams was part of a panel, and not the authoring judge. More importantly, from reading the case, it appears as though the panel reached the proper result. No constitutional rights violated here. Please stop trolling various web sites and blogs which discuss Judge Williams being on the short list for the SCOTUS. Your posts are misleading, and show that you have, obviously, an axe to grind with her (and perhaps, the entire panel).

Read the case, and the facts, for yourself:

richard connors

As an appellate judge Ann Claire Williams affirmed a conviction in the case of US v Connors, 01 CR 326. A habeas corpus petition is now pending in the US Dist Court, 7th Circuit, Northern District of Illinois (US v. Connors, 09 C 1821) to vacate that conviction based on evidence of government misconduct which included forgery of documents and jury tampering. Judge William's inability to protect the constitutional rights of citizens to a fair trial should disqualify her from consideration for the United States Supreme Court.

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