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April 02, 2010


Henry Bowman

"Lawyers for the District say the council worked to strike a balance between Second Amendment rights and public safety concerns."

Totally without (you will notice) having to in an way support their unspoken assumption that gun restrictions increase public safety... when historical data all but smacks you in the face with the proof that it does precisely the opposite.

Most Citizens

Unlike Preacher1 we have faith in the court system. The term 'activist judge' is just a label for whomever issues an opinion that the writer doesn't agree with.


On the subject of Federal activist judges who follow their own whim -instead of the Constitution, why has no Court questioned the fact that Obama has not yet presented his real birth certificate? Why did Congress force Senator McCain to prove his American birth -but has not required this of Obama?


What is being ignored by these activist judges who are imposing their will and prejudices over the United States Constitution is that the Second Amendment confers a RIGHT -NOT a privilege. Every restrictive gun law ever passed -except those restricting guns from criminally dangerous people- is un-Constitutional on its face. What is the point of having a Federal court that will not obey the Constitution?

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