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April 30, 2010



Of course, it is just AS likely that Justice Kennedy would pull Kagan to the right.

A staff attorney

Sounds inconceivable that someone would not remember case names. Reprehensible! Welcome to my life.

Lawyer bored with lawyer arrogance

I'm sooooo bored with the arrogance of self-righteous liberal lawyers, and I consider myself one. Get over yourselves. She's talented and competent, at least enough to be Dean of Harvard Law School, nominated to the Fed Circuit by Clinton, made Solicitor General by Obama and considered for a seat on SCOTUS. Just because she didn't know a case name--no one says she didn't know or understand the concepts--doesn't mean she wouldn't serve well on the Court.


Thornhill is a vary famous case and should have been within the grasp of a competent lawyer. I would venture to say that many law students know of the case.

ex-government lawyer

thomas bird

if nominated and confirmed, her relationship with Kennedy will be the most important wrinkle on the new court, whether she can pull him to the left as often as possible. No wonder she sucked up to him so unabashedly. Shouldn't she have excused herself from this role of presenting him with an award?

Dan in Euroland

Perhaps many advocates know those cases, Kagan said, but "I at any rate did not." She added, "There was a look of panic on my face."

That is really a pathetic admission on Kagan's part. Way to argue before the Court and not even know the relevant cases.

hardheaded liberal

Well, another indication that Kagan is not qualified to be on the Supreme Court. Anyone who has any pretensions to knowledge of the Constitution would have known Thornhill and Coates (individual expression cases that are bedrock First Amendment decisions).

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