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April 29, 2010


Phil Melton

There is no such thing as a perfect election system, because bad people on both sides of the aisle will do bad things. Good people will do good things...or at least be consistent to the ideals of what they consider good.

If a bus is going downhill out of control, you don't do nothing, but neither do you stand in the middle of the road with your hand up yelling: "stop!" You do what you can without getting run over yourself. DISCLOSE seems to be one of those pieces of legislation that pushes you in front of the bus to try to stop it!

Scott Meek

I wholeheartedly agree with Peter! Elections paid for solely by tax dollars; everyone gets the same amount -- learn to budget! Everyone gets a fair shake, even the "new guy". Let corporations and groups run their own advertising and support campaigns, but nothing directly to the candidate. Let the issue, as Peter said, be the issues. Well done!

Sam Carter Jr

Keep in mind that the Citizens United ruling not only affects corporations, but labor unions and other non-profits as well. It's about free speech. Who you choose to listen to is your choice, but groups have a right to promote their agenda regardless of whether you agree with it or not.
The Citizens United ruling "fixed" the restrictions placed on these groups by the BCRA bill (McCain/Feingold bill), which were unconstitutional.
Sure, it's about money, politics usually is, but now with the DISCLOSE bill we can at least be sure that we know who is providing the money to advance a particular agenda, and as far as I can tell it appears completely constitutional... I will look forward for more from Marcia Coyle on this.

peter terminello

Citizens United favors money and money favors the Republican party. Instead of allowing unlimited funds to be spent to buy candidates and elections, freed TV time should be given candidates so the issue is issues not money spent. Other countries have sane elections compared to the unending one in the U.S. This country could learn from the wisdom of others. Set six months for a campaign, give free Tv time and guess what, we might have a fair election with a full discussion of the issues.

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