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April 08, 2010


Harold Haukaas

Robertson said that this is a "win win" situation. With this type of logic, he would also conclude that buying Manhattan from the Indians of that day for what $24 worth of beads was a "win win" for both parties. If any holds to his conclusion, even Cobell herself, you will need you head to be examined. H Hauk


You would think that Congress would want to get this done now and not later, it just shows how ignorant and bold this Congress is. It is our money and yet they are acting like it is theirs!! good grief!

Congress is only making themselves look ignorant.


The judgment fund doesn't apply because this case was brought in district court not the CFC. There is no authority for the district court to award the settlement amount. Hence, congressional approval is required.


For those of us not well versed in how the judgment fund operates, etc., why does this settlement have to approved by Congress? Is it because of the size? How big does a settlement have to be before Congress has to approve it?

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