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April 06, 2010



@Dale - Some of us do think it's a big deal. Gasp.


@baalthazaar: I'm not claiming ot know what the cable market composition is and whether or not Comcast actually has a monopoly. I'm saying that if Congress is concerned, they have shown that they can break monopolies in the past and can do it again.


Actually Comcast (or TimeWarner) has a monopoly as far as cable internet access goes in a lot of areas . The alternatives are DSL which is not on par with cable. I'm ok with them charging charging different rates for different customers as long as there is proper competition and they divest all their content. If they don't, how is it not an anti-trust violation?


@Renee: If you are trying to talk to the judge, I don't think he can hear you. If you're trying to talk to Jenna, I'm pretty sure she never stated an opinion on the matter, but did a nice job summarizing the opinion.
As to your complaint: So? I can't use my Verizon phone on Sprint's network *gasp* big deal.
If Comcast's business practices are truly bad, people will go elsewhere. If congress gets concerned about a monopoly, well they've gotten good at breaking things over the last 100 years, I'm sure they can break Comcast too.

Renee Marie Jones

You don't understand. This is not just about peer-to-peer file sharing. It is described that way to get you to go along. It is really about a network providers ability to deliberately interfere with customers access to web sites of competitors, or to web sites that won't pay the provider money.

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