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April 26, 2010


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Apple Computers

I don't think that Apple can be sued over using touch pad technology. Many companies have came in with this technology but apart from clashes nothing happened like suing or something else. The company who sued apple its intentions are not seems to be good.

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Cheap Computers

With the success of Apple, the company is looking to get some kind of money by filing the suit so they can earn something from them.

Apart from this Apple is a really good manufacturing company which gives out some really excellent products.

R.U Serious

jw: Well, Elan's patens cover MULTI touch.. so that's the "unique criteria", as I understand it...

Daniel Hedblom

Apple shouldnt have gone for HTC's throat. Elan sprung into action the moment Apple went patent-bashing on HTC in a vain attempt to stop the Android tsunami rolling in.

This has nothing to do with elan making big bucks out of Apple, its about Apple running around suing right and left with their small handbag of worthless patents.


Too bad for Apple.

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Supreme Court Rules on Bilski.

Hopefully they will strike down all Software Patents and Business Method Patents.


Touchpad/touchscreen technology is much older than 1994 and the use of touchpads on laptops. On what unique criteria is Elan's patent based??? In the mid-1980s, an former "associate" was working on a touchpad/ touchscreen application that could recognize and convert handwriting on a touchpad screen to text in a document. Other acquaintances were involved in the beginnings of GPS satellite systems. NASA and all its fringe contractors were full of creative geniuses. Some of them just had difficulty in foreseeing the commercial value of their creations.

Joseph Marchelewski

Sounds like the company is just hungry for a big slice of the Apple pie.

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