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April 02, 2010


Jim Smith

The whole sentence is basically absurd. No injury occurred to anyone. The injury is completely imaginary.


Heck you can't even hardly buy postage anymore without using a computer. You surely can't keep up with political candidates. It's great the court saw part of this but they were certainly blind to the whole reality. It's all part of the media illusion that sex offender recidivism is extremely high. The reality is exactly the opposite. BUt if you can target one group whose rights you can diminish in the name of makes the next step...taking rights away from all American;s easier...


This one instance that the one judge is on the wrong side of the issue. A 30 year ban is a burden, and it is an unnecessary inconvenience.

Only those afraid of computers and the technologically illiterate probably would not mind, but come-on it is an undue burden, it is a burden just like life time registry for someone who molested no one, raped no one, touched no one. Extreme laws are extreme.

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