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March 16, 2010


Barry Emberlin

Ms. Thomas carelessly couples the concepts of “politically active” with “ideologically focused” as though one were identical to the other rather than juxtaposed. That she is unfazed over public concerns about the potential conflict-of-interest in her recent efforts is real, and her arrogance toward the opinion of others, is indicative of the validity of the public’s concern.


John Quincy Adams -

Midge Rendell and Steve Reinhardt, to name two. Thanks for playing.

John Quincy Adams

"There have been many other judges who have spouses that are politically active."

Hey Virginia, name one ...

Emma Young

What concerns me is that she stated in another article that they would do "scorecards" on candidates for the November elections, and would raise funds as per the recent Supreme Court ruling. This controversial ruling, if not written by Justice Thomas he certainly wrote a brief concurring, basically designates corporations as having the same rights as individuals in terms of campaign contributions. Thus, just as the Supreme Court influence the 2000 election, they seem to have another way to put Republicans back in the driver's seat. No wonder Newt Gingrich told Sarah Palin to get ready for a presidential run in 2012. I hope American citizens do not sleep on this.

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