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March 31, 2010



Oh my goodness! There have been issues here in the UK but nothing on quite this level!

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I think that would be hard. Not knowing if it is a real salesman or not.

Telemarketing services

Yeah, How are we going to know if it a real salesman or not. I think something is to be done so that the good one can be protected.

Telemarketing Call Center

Now if we bother to track the millions of dollars agreed to in the settlement once recovered, we will see that none of it is returned to the original donors, and little if any ends up in the hands of the charities. It will instead go into Federal coffers and disappear behind an impossibly complex accounting scheme that inflates the 'cost of doing business' to the point where it appears the moneys are not enough to cover the FTC's prosecutorial costs.

Sriram Mohan

And... even though I live in Massachusetts, there has to be action coming to all states not just NJ

Sriram Mohan

It's about time! This isn't the first measure that's been taken to prevent their constant nuisance on the telephone lines... of late, I've been getting way too many! Hopefully now I won't be getting any!

And I've always questioned the intent of these telemarketers. But how do you differentiate between one and a real salesman?

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