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March 05, 2010


A. Harke

Monetizing racism? It's not a matter of rewriting history, it is allowing trademarks that are considered, offensive, racist and derogatory to Native Americans to register and be sold for a profit. As a tribally enrolled Native American and a trademark paralegal I find it very offensive. Could we have a football team that was named a derogatory term for Asians for example? No. Equality across the board.


Why not allow a forum that will allow a judge to enter into a decision based on the merits? What is wrong with that? As for "rewriting history", I think these procedural maneuverings that seek to avoid a decision on the merits are also seeking to cover up some history.


What next? The jew's harp?

This is an attempt to rewrite history. If you don't want goods with the Redskin trademark - don't buy them. Problem solved.

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