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March 03, 2010



I know what would make labels more hepulfl if it was required that they list all chemical fertilizers and pesticides used when growing the product, all chemicals used in the processing of the product, and list whether it contains genetically modified ingredients. Thanks!Mary Ann


What do you think about the draft legislation Safe Compounding Act of 2007 by Kennedy, Burr, Robertson?Apparently, they are going to try to pigacbgyk this travesty on to PDUFA-IV.It has the potential to federalize pharmacy and prevent patients from receiving life-saving compounded preparations. It may open the doors for limiting doctors ability to prescribe for off-label use .The FDA has no business inspecting pharmacies. This is a States Boards of Pharmacy function. The FDA's charter is to regulate MANUFACTURING. Their Post- Marketing Surveillance has been dismal (witness Zelnorm this week and Vioxx, Prozac for teenagers, OTC decongestant use in infants before that the list is endless.)I worked as a Drug Information Specialist at the FDA in Rockville in the mid-70 s and it was disfunctional THEN (2 hr. martini lunches, lost files so I could not review adverse drug events and delinquent labeling changes). There was a revolving door then.Now the revolving door involves Senators. It only got worse with PDUFA.

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POM Wonderful

Jenna, I enjoyed reading your post and comments, it will be interesting to see where it goes because this is beyond just labeling. Here is our official statement about the FDA letter: "POM supports its scientific research and advocates honest labeling. We look forward to working with the FDA to resolve this matter."

Carolina Gypsy

The FDA action is less about truth than it is about money. The law that says only DRUGS or MEDICATIONS approved by the FDA can make ANY claims at all. The real truth is that Big Pharma, the most poweful lobby in Washington, with 2 lobbyists for every legislator, does not make any money on walnuts, ice cream, etc.


Well this is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. It is now estimated that Vioxx caused some 140,000 heart attacks and 50,000 deaths by heart attack while it was on the market. Was that "fraudulent advertising" by the FDA when they promoted it for treatment of acute pain? If Vioxx were an isolated tragic example one might have some confidence but it is not. Now they are going after a food producer for failing to mention that ice cream has fat? Further, food can both treat and prevent medical conditions it is all over the medical literature who is the FDA to say this may not be spoken of, it is absurd. Let's put it another way, do carrots cure vitamin A deficiency night blindness? does food cure marasmus and Kwashiorkor's disease (i.e. starvation) does water cure renal insufficiency brought on from dehydration. What do you mean people can't mention foods can treat and prevent diseases, what inanity and infringement of freedom of speech? Stop allowing chemical concoctions on the market that kill as many Americans as died in the Vietnam war and maybe someone will give a hoot about your warnings.

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