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March 04, 2010



I have written a book about the terrible hijack on PanAm flight 73, (5th September 1986) called Dancing in the Sea. It was published a few years ago. I was very badly injured by a hand grenade but survived.
It would have been fair to give all those who were physically and emotionally injured, compensation out of the treaty settlement between the 2008 treaty between Libya and the U.S. but as usual justice is often not just. I have written to the involved lawyer - Stuart Newbergher, asking him for information regarding non-US citizens. I am awaiting a reply. I hope he will see fit to write.

My injuries, just for the record have been:
removal of right buttock, sciatic nerve squashed, no head or neck of femur left where the grenade blasted away the buttock, lattisimus dorsi muscle removed, colostomy and more than 20 operations with total anaesthetic in 6 hospitals around the world, plastic surgery and numerous other problems that have developed due to the grenade blast. I walk on crutches.
I have also been though psychotherapy to alleviate the shock. Life has not been very easy although I recognise myself as a fighter. If anyone has any news please write.


My dad, currently a U.S. citizen but not one at the time, was injured on this flight after about 36 feet jump off the airplane. His leg has been damaged and yet, he was not contacted by Crowell & Morning. Not only is he not part of this lawsuit, but he feels that the world does not even recognize the hardship that he, like the others in this flight, faced as a result of not being a part of this agreement.
My dad and I just barely discovered this case and because of his citizenship status at the time, he is not being considered for the settlement.
the tens of millions of dollars collected from Libya for victims of this incident should be divided equally between all the survivors, even if most of them are not American.
-a paraphrased quote from Stuart H. Newberger, lead consul at Crowell & Moring
Despite the quote above, my dad is being denied to be a part of this agreement by Crowell & Moring. Id like to see if some attorney can represent my dad and others who now finding out about all this.

hassan syed

my name is hassa syed i was on the flight i received severe bullet injuries commuted scapula fracture and grenade splinter in let arm and shoulder,I survived and only received 60,000 USD from my attorney in 1987 in NEW YORK MR STEVEN WIESSMAN.MY POSTAL ADDRESS IS HOUSE NO 25 A,LANE NO 5 A,LALAZAR COLONY,TULSA ROAD RAWALPINDI PAKISTAN MY PHONE NO IS 9251 5580736 CELL 03009772347 After 26 years of the tragedy iam still having one lung punctured,memory loss i am married a wife and three children to look after.Can i claim for compensation please

Clarence Maloney

For decades, all the media attention was to the Lockerbie PanAm case. Now at last we victims of the Karachi PanAm case are pleased that it is getting attention- 23 years after the event and after many of the victims have died or gotten lost, and now only because of an unfortunate legal dispute.

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