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February 11, 2010



hogwash. litigators may be too advocacy prone to make good judges- witness Alito.
federal judges are for a lifetime. they should be tested on state benches before federal appointment to see wheteher they can move from advocacy to judicial temperament.

Iris McCollum Green

Senator Reid is right.
Ms. Navarro has been a litigator and appeared before many judges. I imagine, as with all of us. some competent and some not so competent. It really does not depend on whether the individual has prior judicial experience or not, competence and an even disposition are much more important.

Iris McCollum Green

Jack W.

I recently resigned from the ABA because of their inappropriate ideological bent, especially in connection with their recommendations for judicial nominees. I have never been a judge, but I have practiced as a federal and state court litigator/trial lawyer for 38+ years, and believe I am fully qualified to be a judge, so to that extent I agree with Senator Reid that assessment of a nominee's qualifications should revolve around "judicial temperment" and not prior experience as a judge. However, it is bordering on ludicrous to criticize the ABA for fulfilling its responsibility to assess the merits/demerits of individual candidates, applying whatever standards it deems appropriate, so long as the ABA committee making such assessments is comprised of a reasonable and non-partisan cross-section of attorneys, especially those who regularly appear before judges in court.

R. C. McDonough

Good for Harry Reed. R. C. McDonough, retired Montana Supreme Court Justice

C Rose

What's next, a Surgeon General who hasn't been to medical school? Brilliant! I get it, we're supposed to get used to it before Palin becomes president...

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