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February 24, 2010


Oscar in Miami Beach

Every time a black does not get a job to which he/she is not prepared or qualified for is a case of discrimination.The firemen case in New Haven and multiple others all around the country shows that 99.9999% of these cases are nothing but tort and fishing to see what the black plaintiff can get monetarelly.It is ridiculous and all they do is clog the Courts for the really legal and just cases.It is no different for what is happening in the White House.Obama stopped all humanitarian aid to Honduras when the Congress and Supreme Court deposed their President for breaking the laws of the Constitution.Last week in Kenya,Obama's family country, there was a cout-de-etat.The military deposed the President illegally but Obama has done nothing.Hypocrecy at the utmost.That is what the White House is becoming known for.Oh,how I'm waiting for 2014 to kick this hypocrite man out of the White House.By the way I'm not a republican but a realist.Obama is a danger to the USa and its freedoms.Read his Health Care Bill,pure communism.

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