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January 21, 2010


R. Larry Schmitt

So my individual vote and $50 contribution for my candidate is equal to the multiple million dollar contribution of a corporation which has no vote? I fear the checks and balances I learned of in high school civics are now severly crippled if not destroyed. Four allegdly intelligent men and one mute have crippled our fine nation. Can we find a way to recover?

Eugene Lee

This Blog should be called the Blog of Illegal Times with decisions like Citizens United.


This is the day that democracy in this country actually died.

The Honorable Douglas W. Kmiec

Perhaps he was illustrating the unpalatability of the notion of First Amendment protection for money. Allowing democracy to become the province of the wealthy might cause any one of us to speak haltingly. And as for what will be "painful to watch" just consider the often unsubstantive media buys that the Court's logic invites.

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