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January 11, 2010



Shame on Mr. Heimoff for his slur on the religion of any member of the Supreme Court -- and on Catholics and the Pope in particular. Mr. Heimoff has a right to his own religious (or anti-religious) views -- but so do members of the Court. Article VI of the Constitution manifestly prohibits the application of any religious test to a public official, as Mr. Heimoff apparently would advocate doing. Further, I would guess that religion manifestly had nothing to do with the Court's ruling (which this Catholic would question for purely prudential reasons).


The founding fathers wrote the constitution with the idea that majority will prevailed only in public for political affairs and that it was LIMITED BY INALIENABLE, INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. Therefore, I do not believe that the majority should vote a man’s LIFE, PROPERTY, OR FREEDOM AWAY FROM HIM. And therefore I do not believe that if the majority votes on an issue, it does not make it RIGHT.

Steve Heimoff

The catholics on the SCOTUS win another victory for the pope.

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