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January 11, 2010



"Justice lawyers said PMOI retains the capability and intent to engage in terrorist acts." In reality PMOI retains the capability and intent to overthrow the iranian mullah regime, with a democratic and secular government! That's way they are on the FTO list!!

Frank griffin

The us government is afraid of irans fury
Pmoi deserves better!!!


State Department has been influenced with Iranian 's government lobbyist who are pushing the appeasement agenda. appeasement has not worked for past thirty years.Iranian people will be free soon or later and those who try to prolong that will be in shame later.


If the US Government really wants to help the Iranians to get rid of the cleric regime in Iran, then it should support the Iranian democratic movements such as PMOI. It is that simple.


lets see how many more years USA will appease thr mollah regime in iran, it's no secret that clinton first labelled pmoi a terrorist group just to strengthen ties with iran....even after all the help USA recieve from pmoi with regards to irans nuclear programme.

ali sadeq

PMOI was not and is not a terrorist organization. They have been working with members of US congress since 1985.

State department has been under influence of Iranian lobby to include them in the list.

PMOI can play a significant role to bring democracy in Iran and re-establishing relations with the US.


PMOI has been a victim of a very bad deal between state dep. and government of Iran, people of Iran and their popular organization (PMOI) are entitle to fight for their freedom. I hope to see judge make right decision tomorrow. Like Britain and EU Judges, and recognize right of Iranian people.

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