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December 11, 2009



Nancy Swan's comment does not inspire confidence in her site's authority.

The 5th Circuit reversed convictions for *federal* program bribery, on the simple ground that issuing rulings as a state-court judge is not a "federal" function, even though those judges received money for support staff, etc. from a program that received federal funds. A reasonable, non-political appellate court could hardly do otherwise.

The 5th Circuit's opinion leaves no doubt that Minor, Teel, and Whitfield acted with gross impropriety and richly deserved whatever punishment the law afforded. It's just that sentences for federal-program bribery were not among those punishments.

Nancy Swan

This decision not only reaffirms that justice can continue to be bought in Mississippi, it reaffirms that you can buy your freedom in U.S. Appeals courts. Minor's appeal was based on the fact that he was a BIG contributor to the Democratic Party and this is -after all - now a Democratic administration. The rest of the story

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