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December 04, 2009



D.C. has about the worst government in the civilized world, and it routinely ignores Constitutional rights as if it had royal authority. Look at the people who are in that mal-administration, and it will become very obvious that D.C. has no sensible government!


Thats great I am glad he won the appeals case. This will be a significant case for the reasons mentioned in the article. I hope he wins!! However dispite my being pro gun. I can't help feel that he got caught violating dc's law regaurding CCW's. As such he should be held accountable to it. I know DC isn't a state. Its a neutral district but I wonder how states that don't honor other states CCW's would have act if he had went in to a different state under the same set of circumstances. It is up to the CCW holder to ensure that their CCW permit is valid in the state they inend to visit. Security Officers are nothing more than glorified common citizens who are hired to watch over peoples property. Some of which have permant power trips.


GREAT! Is there anything Alan Gura can't do? And I may be able to visit DC again, once the fascists there are REQUIRED to honor my concealed handgun license.

Timothy P. Flynn

This case is significant, not only for it's Second Amendment context, but also for the fact that no seizure occurred. The Supreme Court has a similar gun-ordinance case, McDonald -v- Chicago on its docket for oral argument in the spring.


Good for Falken. DC is also in for another big wake-up, once the Incorporation for the rest of the US is ruled on favorably by the Supremes.

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