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November 16, 2009


Hank Adams

Until they change their names to the Washington Laches, I'm just gonna call them the F-----g R------s, or fNr's. Is that legal?

Jack Marshall

It is an absurd lawsuit.People do not name sports teams that fans cheer for after people or things that the community regards negatively. The Boston Irish LIKE Celtics. The Norwegian-Americans in Minnesota admire Vikings. The Redskins name has unfortunate historical connotations, but its history in football is 100% positive.
Like Braves and Indians, Redskins is a name that celebrates the character of Native Americans. These protests are simply political power plays by advocacy groups. Few are genuinely offended by sports team names. Those social scientists are quacks.


It's a disgrace that in this day and age the first people of this country can be used as mascots and brands identified by idiotic racist slurs like "Redskins."
Would a team called the "Honkies," "Wetbacks," "Darkies," "White Crackers," "Gooks," or "Sambos" be fine? I'm an African American from Cleveland and I cringe at the baseball team's logo and name. I can imagine how it would feel to have a grinning, bug-eyed, big-lipped stereotype of a black person plastered on ball caps and other fan gear. Who other than the people the stereotype targets has the right to say whether it's offensive? If they are suing because they are offended, it's offensive. Oh but, we can't change it now because the sports businesses have spent millions for too long perpetuating the stereotypes and raking in the bucks. Come on, USA, it's time to grow up! I hope the Native Americans will win this soon for their sake and the sake of our country.

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