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November 20, 2009


Sarah Carr


You clearly did not pay attention to what I wrote as your regurgitation is far from what I actually said. I'm sorry you lack close reading skills but fortunately you have nothing to do with this legal ordeal, nor do you know the in-depth details, and you are just a guy who reads blogs.

Old Judge,

Thank you for the information and well-wishes.



Yeah right Sarah, if YOU lose, the entire American system of justice might as well be thrown in the trash can, because if YOU can't win, why, no one can. It's all about you, isn't it. You admit you were part of the riot/demonstration. Now you claim you had left the demonstration. You say "broken off", I say "trying to escape". Tell it to the judge or jury. They will judge how credible you are.

An Old Judge

Thanks for your comment, Sarah, but that is exactly the point of this decision - you have raised a disputed issue of fact, which means that your case gets to go to trial, not get decided on a preliminary motion that was inappropriately granted by the trial judge. Now you'll get to tell your story to a jury and see what they think, which is how the legal system typically "delivers justice to deserving parties" (and some not-so-deserving ones, as well). Best wishes for your trial.

Sarah Carr

I am Sarah Carr. I will tell you that I wasn't even a part of a group at the time I was ordered into a back alley way. I had broken off and was trying to find a metro station with my friends when I encountered a police man who raised his beat stick and told me to "turn the f*ck* around." If we lose this case, Americans should know their legal system is incapable of delivering justice to deserving parties.

Steve Candelario

I agree with the Federal Appeals Court decision. If a crowd of demonstrators has individuals that are engaging in unlawful activity, then everyone should be arrested in the demonstration group. It is up to those who are demonstrating, to control and organize themselves accordingly.

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