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November 18, 2009


Pamela S. Evers

The decision by Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. to try these men in federal court is the correct thing to do because the court case "criminalizes" the accused rather than cloaking them with the political status that would be given by a military commission. In response to 9-11, the Bush Administration created many dilemmas by using words such as "war" and "attack." These words are associated with sovereign entities, or groups attempting to achieve sovereignty or legitimacy as an organization. However, giving political status to individuals engaging in terrorist activities is exactly what the groups want and the opposite of what is needed as a response by real sovereigns. We must delegitimize what these dangerous people do by labeling their acts as criminal and responding to them as we would any person accused of mass murder or other crimes: investigation, arrest, evidentiary trial before a jury, verdict, and result (penitentiary or freedom). Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is simply an alleged (remember, innocent until proven guilty) mastermind of a mass murder and NOTHING more.

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