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October 26, 2009



I have to disagree with dr. anthony. Many of my friends are both lawyers and military officers and I was an Army wife for 25 years. This is not social engineering; it's making reasonable accommodations to permit a qualified person to serve his country. As the article points out, the rule against religious garb is not strictly enforced in any case, and there is no reason to treat religious groups differently (although I guess dr. anthony would permit prohibit all religious garb). I think military discipline is not easily undermined, and that unit cohesiveness is not so fragile that it can be threatened by a few yards of cloth!

I've been hearing "the Corps is going to hell" for decades, and people were doubtless saying it for centuries before that. And yet the Corps evolves, survives, and continues its mission, better than before.

B Singh

While Dr Anthony's views are good intentioned and we do understand the importance of uniformity in looks for Armed Forced, I do ask him if he is aware of armed forces of UK, Canada and India and their exceptions for Sikhs. All I know is if the Sikhs were qualified to lay down their lives for British, French and American forces during the world wars, then their looks cannot be forced to change in 21st century to appease the mindless biases in post-9/11 Americans and their mistaken beliefs about turban wearers being muslims or arabs. If I am good enough to lay down my life for America in a war, I at least deserve not to be forced to give up my faith. This promise of freedom to be who I am is the foundation of the nation called USA. If we are changing this, let me know and I will have to set sail again to look for a new free democratic world.

dr. anthony

The failure of lawyers to understand the importance of dress and appearance codes should not surprise anyone. This is yet another example of ignorant, but well-intentioned social engineers, efforts to create a multicultural melange of religious expression. The military must be permitted to remove personal religious expression in the form of dress and appearance from the equation of military discipline. Liberal philosophy will ruin the military if this keeps up.

Magan Ray

This is a great outcome and Sidhu's efforts on behalf of the Sikh community (which has been targeted since 9/11 based on the common misconception that Sikhs are "muslims" and/or "terrorists") are to be commended. Sikhs are members of an independent monothestic religion that started in the northwest region of India and is the 4th or 5th largest religion in the world The continuing prejudice (and often hate crimes) targeting Sikhs is indicative of how much misinformation is out there and how important it is for us to educate ourselves and our children!

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