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October 14, 2009


Jonathon Moseley

Judicial Watch would not exist without Larry Klayman, and Tom Fitton and Paul Orfenides and others would not have their jobs without Klayman's leadership and hard work founding the group. Larry was a pain in the neck to me, but I think it is wrong and inappropriate and unfair to fail to recognize that Judicial Watch would not exist without Larry Klayman's efforts and very long hours.

I think that Judicial Watch is unfair to seek this money without recognizing the extremely long hours that Larry Klayman always worked, late at night and on weekends.

However, this is an interesting example of the dangers of bringing lawsuits.

Larry Klayman sued JW, as I understand it. You have to realize before bringing a lawsuit that you cannot be sure where it is going and what will happen. Any plaintiff is taking a tiger by the neck and one has to be aware that you never know what might happen.

Too many clients are convinced of their case and cannot conceive of losing. They need to be wide-eyed and sober about starting a lawsuit. Both sides here are experienced lawyers and yet you never know where things will go.

Larry Klayman would not be facing this, if he did not sue Judicial Watch first. A reminder that all litigation has hazards

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