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October 23, 2009



I vigorously disagree with commenter Richard Prior (funny) on just about all counts of his/her argument. Biden is a genius in foreign policy, and having seen him up close and in action can assure the poster that Joe has all the charisma and intelligence required for his spades. An unusual foreign policy expert, and have heard on many occasions that foreign leaders like and respect Biden simply because he is straight with them. Honesty is a funny thing, many can smell it first hand. Nonetheless, Biden has earned his good reputation. His receptions in the Balkans, Georgia, Ukraine, were awesome, but receptions can be deceiving. Biden's presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Lebanon, etc., etc., are welcomed because of his years of work and service as top Democrat and Chair of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Traveling now as VPOTUS adds more oomph to our Administrations' message. Biden did an outstanding job on this trip as on all since VP. We're fortunate to have him. Biden does work; he doesn't need rock star status...he just needs to be effective. That he is. Thank you for a nice blog post.

Richard Prior

The author of this piece lives in cloud cuckoo land.

Bill Clinton received a warm welcome, whilst George Bush was loved by most.

Obama is positioning himself as a Chamberlain style appeaser to Putin's Russian Mafia Government (read Newsweek last week)and will quickly become reviled in the 2 largest nations of Central Europe - Poland & Romania.

Biden has little charisma, and would appear to be little more than a nonentity.

Madonna had a far more prestigious welcome to Bucharest than the USA VP.

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