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September 09, 2009



McCain-Feingold is not "unconstitutional." The Framers reserved free speech protection for "people," not for whatever other fictional or non-human entities our Congress and courts might later invent. The view articulated by Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor is much more in keeping with what the Constitution says, (as explained here:


Sounds as though we are embarking upon an ever bigger and better Plutocracy. Celebratory champaigne is called for in the Board Rooms everywhere, with a huge toast for Olson, the hero of Bush v. Gore.


he never categorically said "I will never overturn precedent." Even precedent itself recognizes the value of good precedent; while also allowing for overturning bad precedent.

This is great news. Hopefully Kennedy will come through. McCain-Feingold is unconstitutional.

Scott Ross

When Roberts does the opposite of what he told the Judiciary Committee in his confirmation hearing (reaching out to overrule precedent), will he be investigated for perjury?

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