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September 16, 2009


Darren McKinney

The violence and property destruction of the anti-Bush left can be viewed in stark contrast to the peaceful protests of the 100,000 strong anti-Obama/socialism right who marched in D.C. last weekend. Park Police report that not a single arrest was necessitated.

Larry R.

I agree that there is nothing in the text of the quotes in the article which would indicate "sparks" flying or that a judge "did not take kindly" to the argument of counsel. On the other hand, the number of quotes is limited, and I expect the discourse consisted of more than what is printed here. Additionally, we can't judge the tone or inflexion of the voices used.


Maybe, plaintiffs' counsel sucks. I've been following the protest news stories starting with the Pershing Park mass arrests. The law is clear about the need for probable cause. Perhaps, more than the law on their side, these folks who were arrested needed good attorneys and advocates.


Same criticism for "sparks really began to fly." Was Judge Sentelle doing anything other than probing Schember's position? Do we really need sports color commentary in a story where the issue posed is so clear and so important to anyone reading it?


This is either poor reporting or headline editing. There is nothing in the body of this report that indicates that Judge Sentelle "did not take kindly" to Shember's argument. Where's the beef?

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