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September 23, 2009


Mark S. Zaid

I've litigated several state secrets cases and frequently handle lawsuits involving classified information. The Holder memo is nothing but window dressing for an open wound that is used to inflict gangrene on those who dare challenge governmental misconduct. While it does purport to create additional levels of review, it fails to modify in any significant way the actual standard that is applied thereby neutralizing any true impact. Nor does it grant any type of access or right sto plaintiffs' lawyers who hold security clearances or who already possessed authorized access to some or even all of the relevant classified information.


That should make us all feel better, knowing that Eric Holder will protect our freedoms. Whenever I hear of a new special investigation or special committee, I think of their synonym, "whitewash."

D. Rosenthal

Some things should never be made public-hence all those rubber stamps that say 'confidential' 'top secret' 'classified', etc.
Most often, these documents, revealed under the ploy of the public's right to know, have actually been used for sensationalism or to smear someone's opponent. The idea of putting even more power to override a secret designation into the hands of a political appointee is beyond ludicrous!

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