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August 18, 2009




The girl was "seduced"??? How do you deduce that from the story?? No one other than those two know what really happened. Isn't equally possible that the girl enticed the boy to bring her alcohol?? The word choice of "seduced" adds a sexual connotation that is otherwise absent from this story and brings into play centuries of issues about white women and black men.

By the very wording of your comment, you have revealed a troubling bias. Perhaps you should think about that a bit rather than wagging your finger so readily.

Oscar in Miami beach

Whatever the color of his skin,he should be punish harshly because he was the one to bring the alcohol to the school.That the girl was seduced into drinking is not her fault but his.It is the depth of the offense and not the color of the skin what determined the punishment in this case.


I'll bet Frederick Douglas is a good lawyer... well, good for a guy that is 178 years old, at least.

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